Terms and Conditions


This contract is issued for service sales made in written, visual, telephone and electronic environment for the sale of the agency and the services and qualifications stated below are included in the scope of the rights and actions of the counterparties.
Kocaer Tur. İnş. ve Teks. Ürn. Paz. Ltd. Şti. the commercial name of our company. Andifli Travel Agency- No. 6430 Turkey Travel Agencies Union (TÜRSAB) Andifli District No. 64 P.K.07580 Kas / Antalya is located at the registered address. This contract contains important information about rights and obligations, please read these terms and conditions carefully before making any reservations.


2.1. If you wish to make a booking with us, you must follow our site reservation procedures.
2.2. The firm has the right to refuse any reservation request requested by the buyer. There is no allocation guarantee for reservations made on special request. In the event that the customer requests service without reservation, the firm may provide the necessary information, if necessary, at additional costs. At the end of the notification, if the customer asks for a reservation, the reservation confirmation is sent to the e-mail address and the request is accepted. If the reservation is successfully allocated, the firm provides the service.
2.3. We agree that all the credit card or bank card details given to us for the purpose of purchasing the service belong to the buyer. The booking will be canceled in case of any payment objection which may arise as a result of the customer’s making a reservation on another person’s credit card or debit card through www.transferbul.net website.
2.4. It is the responsibility of our customers to provide complete and exact information about the booking, otherwise, our company can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise.
2.5. Your reservation details must be filled out completely and completely. Please make sure that you have entered your mobile phone and e-mail address correctly, otherwise, our company is not responsible for any problems that may arise.
2.6. In group transfers, the person making the reservation accepts the terms and conditions stated on the page both on his behalf and on behalf of other persons in the group.
2.7. You are responsible for taking you to the address (Dalaman Airport or Kaş) indicated at the beginning of the journey. Otherwise, please contact our office.


3.1. Those who book from our website or our call center will be deemed to have accepted the general terms and conditions.
3.2. Even if the passenger who making payment by mail order, virtual pos, money order or eft cannot sign this contract for any reason, the contract will be valid between the parties.
3.3. Passenger(s) who do not have a signature on the contract but who receive the service subject to the contract are deemed to have accepted the contract by the third persons they are assigned to register on their behalf.
3.4. The purchase made on our internet site is confirmed by a confirmation e-mail sent by our company.
3.5. Our company does not accept responsibility for the transmission fails of e-mails (late transmission or incomplete transmission). In such a case please contact us.
3.6. Baby/child seats will not be available in our vehicles unless specified during booking.
3.7. In line with our laws and our company policy, children/infant seats in the vehicle must be connected by our guests. Otherwise, no liability will be accepted. Our drivers will give you technical verbal support.
3.8. If a pet is to be transported, it should be transported in its cage.
3.9. Our company selects vehicles according to the number of passengers. Passengers excessing the capacity of the selected vehicle will not be transported according to transport laws. In calculating the number of passengers, children/infants are included in the total number; so our client is obliged to inform the company of the children/babies traveling with them. Passenger insurance covers the passenger up to the capacity of the vehicles.
3.10. The vehicles are selected according to the number of people. Up to 4 passengers Dacia MCV, up to 8 passengers Mercedes Vito or equivalent vehicle and for more than 8 passengers a minibus is selected.
3.11. There is a service area between Dalaman and Kaş where we take a break. A 10-minute break will be given for the needs of our guests and our driver.
3.12. Detailed cleaning of the transfer vehicle is done before service, and the vehicle comes out of the way with a full tank.
3.13. There are safety belts in cars, minibusses and buses providing all small or large group transfers. Passengers are obliged to fasten their safety belts in accordance with the Traffic Law. All transfers are made in accordance with local directives.
3.14. It is the responsibility of our customers to provide full and complete loading of the luggage to the vehicle and receiving it at the end of the transfer.
3.15. The traveler has a 30 kg baggage allowance. Carrying sacks, chests, tin containers, fluent, stinky, explosive, radioactive and flammable materials is prohibited. The agent is not responsible for the goods that the passenger keeps or does not deliver to the driver. In the event of the loss or damage of baggage which does not have a value declaration, the passenger is paid compensation for material and moral damages.
3.16. Our company has the right not to accept passengers who are drunk, on drugs or the ones who put passengers or drivers life in danger.
3.17.  Smoking is not allowed in vehicles.
3.18. You are required to be at the airport at least 1 hour before domestic flights and at least 2 hours before overseas flights.


4.1. The payment can be done in Turkish Liras by transferring it online via credit card or bank. The cards we accept are indicated on the booking page of our website.
4.2. Reservation details can be viewed on our website. The prize which is valid is the price on your reservation paper. Any price changes that may be made before or after your reservation cannot be applied to a service that has already been purchased.
4.3. We reserve the right to change prices on our website.
4.4. All transfer services include motorway, parking and fuel expenses.
4.5. Our transfer prices are per vehicle for private transfers, per person for shared transfers, and all our rates are legally VAT is included.
4.6. Length of billing process for the purchased service is 7 days including the date of purchase with the condition of not passing over to the next month.


5.1. Passengers can cancel/change their reservation until 12 hours before the start of the service. If the passenger does not use the transfer/service on the booking record, or if he wants to cancel it within 12 hours from the start of the service, no refund is made.
5.2. If there is a delay of more than 3 hours for any reason, the vehicle may leave.
5.3. Refund requests for reservations with an earlier date and time are invalid.
5.4. The agency may cancel or change the transfer due to adverse weather conditions, roadblock, strike, terror, fog, war, a possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues. In this case, the passenger has no right to compensation.